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Film Great Video with Your iPhone


Today, technology has reached an amazing level of sophistication. So amazing that you might have a great camera for your next short film right in your pocket. The Apple iPhone 4s has an amazing built in camera, capable of shooting full HD video. Although it’s capable, there are some steps you need to take to ensure that your iPhone video looks as good as possible.


In THIS VIDEO created by Film Riot, they suggest the following.

Camera App – The guys at Film Riot use FILMIC Pro, available from the app store for $4. This camera app allows you to have more control over your camera, including custom white balance, frames per second, and resolution.

Audio – The audio directly off the iPhone isn’t bad at all (especially considering that’s it’s being recorded by your cell phone!), but if you want a more professional sound, don’t be afraid to use the Zoom H4N, or a similar recording device, and then match your audio up in post.

Lighting – “The rule for iPhone lighting is that when you think you have enough light, add some more.” In the video, they are using A LOT of light, and their light of choice is the FloLight. FloLights would also be a great addition to DSLR arsenal.

Camera Stabilization – Like a DSLR, handheld shots with an iPhone can be very shaky.  To fix this, iPhone stabilizers are available. In this video, they use the OWLE rig.

Now, take your iPhone out of your pocket, follow these steps, and start filming!

You can find more great videos from Film Riot on their website at, and for more info about FloLight check out their site at