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FirstGlance Film Festival Brings World Premiere Of "The Gamer Age"

Directed by Ian Santer, “The Gamer Age” is a documentary that “…takes an anthropological look into the rich culture of video games”. While often considered fodder for lazy teenage boys, “The Gamer Age” will tell how “…video games have challenged conventional social dynamics, including relationships, crime, education, therapy, art, and commerce”, despite video gaming’s relatively young age.
This documentary was shot almost exclusively with the Canon EOS 5D.  According to the filmmakers, with the exception of the occasional clip captured with an iphone  or Canon Point & Click, the majority of the film was shot on Canon EOS 5D cameras. On the first half of the project they used a couple of 5D Mark II’s, then halfway through production. When Canon released the Mark III they upgraded.  Most of the footage was shot using Zeiss prime lenses (85mm ZE f1.4/ 35mm f2) as well as the trio of Canon L series  f2.8 zooms.. the ef 24-70, 70-200 and the 16-35.

The handheld shots and b-roll (gaming tournaments, music shows, classic gaming expos etc.) was all shot utilizing either Redrock Micro DSLR shoulder rigs and the Manfrotto  monopods with the fluid video heads.    Audio was captured using the Zoom h4n’s along with both Rode and Sennheiser shotgun microphones and the Audio Technica corded lavalier. Editor Jett Evans cut the documentary using the Avid system.  Sandisk and Hoodman donated high speed compact flash cards and Samy’s Camera loaned them everything from high end lighting equipment to steadicam systems. 
According to Santer, “Though I plan on upgrading to the C300 for my next project, the Canon 5D Mark series..  limitations and all.. are extremely excellent cameras for the money, and when lit well and exposed correctly you can really capture some stunning imagery .” 


The premiere will take place at the annual FirstGlance Film Festival on Saturday April 5 at 5PM, where home console gaming pioneer Keith Robinson will introduce the film. The FirstGlance Film Festival will also be running from April 4th to the 6th, with other films playing, staring the likes of Tony Todd, Doug Jones, Barry Bostwick, Chris Jericho, Zach Braff, and more. You can purchase tickets directly from their website at
More from “The Gamer Age” synopsis is below, along with their trailer. You can find out more about “The Gamer Age” on their Facebook page, at

The Gamer Age brings into focus the popular and esoteric influences gaming has had already, the passion and controversy surrounding games today, and a vision of what is yet to come. Essentially, video games are a vehicle for promoting interactivity and creative expression. When a joystick or controller is manipulated, our hands perform a type of sign language that the game system understands, and Mario reaches the castle. When an 8 year old uses those signals to collaborate with her friends and build a fortress in Minecraft, she is creating something never seen before. The Gamer Age chronicles how video games rose in popularity over the past 40 years, highlighting the interactions and creative expression they have facilitated.

This creative expression has corresponded with, and contributed directly to, the exponential rise in scientific and technological discovery in that same period. Games helped make personal computers more fun and accessible, especially for people who loved to play games to win real money, but they also provided an ever-widening palette of tools for creative expression. A massive wave of artists, developers, and hobbyists sprang up all over the world, creating the games, music, films, and art that are redefining our culture. The Gamer Age documents this culture with footage from the opening of The Art of Video Games at the Smithsonian Art Museum, contemporary art gallery shows, concerts by classical and electronic musicians, gaming conventions and competitions, and candid interviews with film directors, street artists, and pioneers of gaming.

FirstGlance Film Festival To Premiere Anticipated Gaming Documentary “Gamer Age” Saturday; Keith Robinson of Intellivision Will Present 

LOS ANGELES, CA, 4/1/14 — The feature gaming documentary Gamer Age will get its world premiere this Saturday at the First Glance Film Festival in downtown Los Angeles. Directed by Ian Santer and featuring insiders such as Kevin Tancharoen, Holly Conrad and Amanda White, the doc takes an “anthropological look into the rich culture of video games.”
On hand to introduce the film will be legendary game developer and current president of Intellivision Productions Keith Robinson. Robinson was one of the original Blue Sky Rangers, who were at the core of the Mattel Electronics game design division in the early 1980’s, and pioneered home console gaming. Intellivision Productions has sponsored First Glance Film Festival with a presenter spot.
The festival, now in its 18th year, started in the basement of a tiny theater in Philadelphia, and now hosts annual events in Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Las Vegas, in addition to several online short film competitions and web series compilations.
The Los Angeles installation runs from April 4-6 at the state-of-the-art Regal Theaters at L.A. Live, and will include stars from multiple genres. The lineup is as follows:
Effed! Zach Braff, Ted Levine
Dust of War (closing night feature) – Tony Todd (confirmed), Doug Jones
Research – Barry Bostwick (Tony and Golden Globe winner, star of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Spin City – confirmed), Doug Jones
Persephone (opening night) – Louis Madylor, Lainie Kazan
Another Happy Anniversary – Kali Hawk, Nikki DeLoach
Forget Us Not – Narrated by Ron Perlman
GPS – Michelle LaRue
Seasick Sailor – Keir Gilchrist, Martha MacIsaac, Al Sapienza, Brandon Jay McLaren, Emily Osment, Fran Kranz, Jacklyn Hernandez, Steven Bauer
The HitchHiker – Nora Zehetner, Barry Corbin, Jerry Mathers
The Usual – Renée O’Connor, Mackenzie Astin
But I’m Chris Jericho – Chris Jericho
Gamer Age will have its world premiere on Saturday as part of the festival, and will be live-streamed by the popular gaming site Twitch.Tv. Anticipation for the film’s release is high among the multi-billion-dollar gaming community, with influential gamers spreading the word. World competitor Justin Wong put it out to his 44,900 Twitter followers under his @Jwonggg handle.

Written by Jake Fruia

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