How Cinematographer Pär M. Ekberg Used The VariCam Pure On Netflix's "Polar"

Cinematographer Pär M. Ekberg has directed some of the most iconic music videos of our era. He also shot “Polar” which is now on Netflix starring Mads Mikkelsen which is based on the webcomic of the same name. In this interview, he talks about his career, how he started and how the Panasonic VariCam Pure helped him capture the essence of “Polar” the webcomic and transform it into Polar the feature now on Netflix.

Pär M. Ekberg

Born and raised in Sweden, Pär M. Ekberg has been shooting internationally for much of his career. He’s worked all over the world shooting commercials, music videos, fashion films, tv, features and the occasional concert film. Ekberg’s career started at a young age as he learned everything he could about still photography. He eventually turned his passion for photography and his love of film into a career as a DP. Working at some capacity on a daily basis has always been an essential part of Ekberg’s life and is the very foundation of his professional knowledge. He is thrilled to continuously explore new and exciting grounds in the art of cinematography.

Panasonic VariCam Pure

4K RAW-only capture – designed for high-end productions

Powered by Codex, VariCam Pure contains the existing VariCam 35 camera head, but with the Codex VRAW 2.0 recorder, creating a RAW-only solution in a lighter and more compact body of just 5.15 kg (11.35 lb.). With Codex Virtual File system, users can transcode additional file formats, including Panasonic V-RAW, Apple ProRes and Avid DNxHR.

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