How To Write Loglines To Launch Your TV/Film Projects

Have you ever written an amazing script but have a hard time getting people to listen to your pitch? Well an upcoming Writer’s Store webinar about taglines might be for you, and you can even get a discount for a yearly subscription to Screenwriting Tutorials.
“A great logline is like meeting your true love on a first date”
Led by “story doctor” Peter Russell, “Writing Great Loglines to Sell Your TV or Film Projects” will take place on Thursday, July 28th at 1PM pacific time and will cost $50 to participate. Russell will teach you how and why loglines in TV versus movies are so different, as well as how nailing your logline can make your whole story fall into place. Finally, loglines are a shorthand way to X-ray your story to find out what’s right with it, what needs to improve.
“It’s the crucible in which your whole original idea is forged”
Peter Russell is an experienced “story doctor” and has been working in Hollywood for 15 years. Now he is bringing his expertise learned on such projects as Mr. RobotThe DaVinci Code and Chronicles of Narnia to you. From the Writer’s Store:

  • Learn to exploit the critical difference between TV and movie loglines—and why they don’t mix.
  • Plug your own story into the logline method and get ‘unstuck’ creatively.
  • Learn how to make the limitations of a genre work for you, not against you (a logline is like a vanity license plate—the art is fitting in everything inside the ‘frame’.
  • Why your logline is going to change and change again—and why that’s the best thing!
  • How great creators have used loglines in shows like MR. ROBOT, GAME OF THRONES, SILICON VALLEY, BREAKING BAD, TRUE DETECTIVE and many more.


  • Writers with a ‘great light bulb idea’ that they can’t seem to put on the page
  • Creators who want to move their movie script to a TV story
  • Writers who want to write the ‘next great Breaking Bad’—i.e. a new twist on a genre
  • Creators who are stuck in the middle of their TV or movie script’s ‘second act’
  • Storytellers who need a ‘sexy pitch’ line for selling their story. TV pilot creators who can’t move from concept to vivid execution
  • Anyone with a story who’s been told “your script isn’t commercial’
  • Rebels with the wildest, most crazy story idea ever

BONUS: With purchase of this webinar, you will receive $79.99 off of a yearly subscription to the Screenwriting Tutorials website, which has specialized tutorials from experts that explore screenwriting topics covered nowhere else on the web!
For more info and to sign up, be sure to visit

Written by Mark Mapes

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