How You Can Make Your Dream Film With The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

Best selling author David Simpson always wanted his series of “Post-Human” novels to be a movie. It wasn’t until he hit that coveted best seller spot that he truly began to consider making that dream a reality. Enter Blackmagic Design’s Pocket Cinema Camera. We spoke with Simpson on how he used the camera to shoot the “Post-Human” short, and how it started to help make his dream come true.

Having studied both creative writing and screenwriting in college, Simpson always envisioned “Post-Human” as a film series. However he found it easier to create his vision in novel form, only pursuing the idea of a film once he arrived on the best seller list. Even then, Simpson had trouble communicating his vision for the film to various production companies, leading him to research cameras on the market at the time. Enter the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera. “I did my research and found that there actually was incredible camera technology that was affordable, and then I started thinking ‘Wow, maybe I could actually do this myself’.”

The low price of the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera was most certainly a determining factor in Simpson’s decision. However it was it’s price combined with the high quality image the camera produces that sealed the deal. “There were a lot of great cameras out there”, Simpson explains, “But I didn’t see anything even close to the price range, but also with the performance at the same time as the Blackmagic cameras. We decided for our purposes that the Pocket was so powerful…that we thought “Hey, this will work!”. And it’s a huge bonus that it’s so affordable.”
So, after all the trials and trails to get his short made, did it pay off? Well, evidently so. The response to the “Post-Human” short film garnered so much praise that Simpson was inspired to write the screenplay for not just his first book in the series, “Sub-Human”, but for it’s sequel, “Post-Human”, as well. He is currently working on getting both produced into full features, and has nearly wrapped on another small film of his own writing, a psychological thriller titled Dangerous To Know. Simpson and crew even turned to Blackmagic cameras again, using the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K in conjunction with the Sony A7Sii.

You can find out more about David Simpson’s journey in our interview above, along with his short film.
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