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IBC 2018: Atomos Ninja V ready to ship, innovative new AtomX Sync and AtomX Ethernet/NDI modules announced

Melbourne, Australia – 13 September 2018 – Atomos announces that the highly anticipated Ninja V 4k HDR monitor/recorder is in mass production and on schedule to reach stores before the end of the month – fulfilling their commitment to deliver in Q3. The all-new 5″ 4kp60 HDR monitor recorder has unrivaled features in a sleek, compact and extremely light form factor that is perfect for mirrorless cameras, DSLRs and gaming consoles.
The 10-bit mirrorless revolution
The timing of shipment coincides with the launch of several new mirrorless cameras with 4k 10-bit HDMI output and Log gammas that partner perfectly with the Ninja V. The new Canon EOS R, Nikon Z6 and Z7 and Fujifilm X-T3 now join the Panasonic GH5 and GH5S in taking full advantage of the Ninja V 4k 10-bit 422 recording to Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHR. The results from the Ninja V and these cameras are extraordinary, with billions of shades of color for smooth gradients and better grading in all NLEs.

New AtomX modules under $199 – the most flexible ecosystem in Pro Video
Modularity is at the heart of the Ninja V with a bi-directional high-speed expansion port breaking out connectivity for I/O of video, audio and power. Atomos created AtomX to ensure users could adapt and connect to any legacy or future wireless or wired video standard. The expansion system offers endless scalability and is demonstrated by the first of many modules – the AtomX Ethernet/NDI® $199 and the AtomX Sync $149 announced today. These dock into the AtomX port and instantly add important features like NDI® over ethernet and Wireless Sync and Bluetooth control to the Ninja V.

Atomos is proud to expand their close partner program with Newtek for the NDI® module and Timecode Systems for Wireless and Bluetooth sync module.
The AtomX Ethernet/NDI module has a wired ethernet (1 GigE) connector that makes it possible to deliver live broadcast-grade video over IP networks. Newtek’s NDI technology harnesses this – allowing for simple installation and control of multi-camera networks, replacing traditional SDI cabling. The AtomX Ethernet/NDI module has NDI input and output with encode, decode, control and sync, allowing Ninja V users to transmit, distribute or receive and monitor NDI from any NDI source. Simply power on the Ninja V with AtomX Ethernet/NDI module installed, plug in your network cable, and your source will be automatically discovered on the NDI network ready for production.

The AtomX Sync module brings professional wireless timecode, genlock and Bluetooth control to Ninja V, perfect for enhancing DSLRs, mirrorless cameras or game recordings. You can sync and/or control literally thousands of Ninja V units equipped with AtomX Sync modules on the same network at ranges of up to 300m. Multi-cam shoots have never been so easy.

AtomX modules bring broadcast level standards to any HDMI camera or source, making it easy to integrate large sensor consumer cameras easily into traditional live productions. AtomX Sync has a built-in battery extender that allows for continuous power when swapping batteries, ensuring uninterrupted operation of the Ninja V during a shoot.

Class-leading technology partnerships
The beauty of licensing technology from Newtek and Timecode Systems is that all their products are fully compatible with the relevant AtomX modules – so large and small productions currently using NDI’s or Timecode Systems’ class-leading products can effortlessly integrate Atomos devices. The simplest application with Newtek is integration with their famous TriCaster products. For Timecode systems the most basic use case is to sync a mirrorless camera to an appropriately equipped audio device for perfect automated sync sound – a huge benefit for anyone from vloggers through to Hollywood productions.

New AtomOS 10 for easier operation
To coincide with the Ninja V release Atomos have announced a major new update to the AtomOS operating system. AtomOS 10 has been redesigned from the ground up to offer simpler operation combined with fewer distractions when monitoring your shot. Operation is quick and intuitive, with extensive use of swipe commands. Redesigned icons have an emphasis on easier HDR production enhancing the creative process. The waveform monitor and audio level meters are clearer than ever. The result is the best monitoring experience available for your DSLR or mirrorless camera bar none.

The perfect small monitor
The near edge-to-edge high bright 5-inch screen has a stunning 1000nits of output coupled with an anti-reflection finish – allowing users to clearly see their images even in daylight. Use the color-accurate display with AtomHDR to see in High Dynamic Range, or load creative LUTs at the touch of a button. Ninja V gives you all the critical monitoring tools you need in SDR – Rec709 or HDR – HLG or PQ. False color, peaking, movable 1-1, and 2-1 pixel magnification, waveform, RGB parade, vectorscope, eight-channel audio level meters and more are all available in AtomOS 10.
HDR perfection every time
The AtomHDR engine ensures simple and perfect exposures when shooting HDR every time. It delivers a stunning 10+ stops of dynamic range to the LCD in real time from Log/PQ/HLG camera signals. Playout Log as PQ or HLG to a larger HDR-compatible screen. The Ninja V display can be calibrated to maintain perfect color and brightness accuracy over time.

Why external recording makes sense
Camera manufacturers are already pushing their designs to the limits of computing, heat and power consumption, especially with the new, larger sensors. Despite these efforts, all DSLR and mirrorless cameras on the market are limited in what they can record internally.
This necessitates compromises – limiting the bit depth, codecs used and the data rates used for internal recording. Recognizing that users want better quality and maximum flexibility the camera makers work with Atomos to optimize external recording at higher bit depth and higher bitrates, offering HDR and Post Production quality earlier.
By moving recording to the Ninja V, DSLR and mirrorless cameras are freed of many of their key video limitations. Record time limits are lifted and easy-to-edit Apple ProRes or Avid DNx codecs recorded, instead of hard to edit H.264 or H.265.
Affordable, reliable AtomX Media
When recording video with the Ninja V you can shoot to the new generation of Atomos AtomX SSDmini drives, as well as existing MasterCaddy 2 compatible media. These are developed with leading brands and offer high speed and high reliability in a compact metal chassis. Guard your video by recording to proven, economical SATA SSD media.
Atomos CEO Jeromy Young said, “The Ninja V is the best monitor/recorder we’ve ever made and I’m delighted to ship it to our loyal customers on time. The new AtomX modules bring amazing flexibility to the Ninja V, allowing us to seamlessly integrate new technologies faster than ever. This is made possible only by working closely with partners like Newtek and Timecode Systems. I’m looking forward to bringing cutting-edge innovation through AtomX into the future.”

Atomos ProRes RAW Theater at IBC
At the IBC show in Amsterdam from the 14-18 September (Hall 11, Booth D15), Atomos and Soho Editors will showcase how to shoot, edit and grade Apple’s new ProRes RAW format with Final Cut Pro X. Apple’s Product Marketing team will also give a series of insightful demonstrations. This is an exclusive opportunity to get free education and expert insight into working with ProRes RAW from the people that built it. In addition, several top DPs and experts will also be taking to the stage each day to give seminars about their use of ProRes RAW with cameras from Canon, Sony and Panasonic.
ProRes RAW combines the flexibility of RAW video with the incredible performance of ProRes. Import, edit and grade pristine video with RAW data straight from your camera sensor without slowing down your edit. ProRes RAW files provide maximum flexibility for adjusting the look of your video while extending detail in brightness and shadow areas. The ideal combination for HDR workflows.

Trainers from Soho Editors will demonstrate the amazing benefits of this new way of imaging in and working in RAW on Mac, without the drawbacks of massive file sizes and lagging playback performance. 

Seminars include Final Cut Pro X advanced color correction, Motion graphics and HDR workflows from Soho Editors, plus exciting presentations from DPs including Sony Independent Certified Experts Alister Chapman and Tom Swindells, Panasonic EVA 1 shooter Jim Marks and Canon shooting David Newton.
Atomos CEO Jeromy Young said, “Atomos was extremely proud to be a major part of bringing ProRes RAW to life, we are delighted to continue the revolution with the ProRes RAW theatre at IBC 2018. It will be an extensive program of free education and seminars every day that is not to be missed. Come and see for yourself how ProRes RAW can offer you creative freedom”
Camera to Timeline – enabled by Atomos
Atomos devices are the only monitor recorders to offer ProRes RAW, with real-time recording from the pristine sensor output of Panasonic, Sony and Canon cameras. Earlier this year owners of the Atomos Shogun Inferno and Sumo19 devices received a free upgrade that enabled ProRes RAW and ProRes RAW HQ recording, monitoring and playback. Once installed, it allows the capture of RAW images up to 12-bit RGB — direct from many of the world’s most advanced cameras onto affordable SSD media. Atomos can also record ProRes RAW up to 2K at 240 frames a second, or 4K at up to 120 frames per second. A more recent free upgrade has even enabled stunning 5.7k ProRes RAW shooting at up to 30P with the Panasonic EVA1.
ProRes RAW files can be imported directly into Final Cut Pro X for high-performance editing, color grading, and finishing on Mac laptop and desktop systems.
Supported Cameras
Nine of the most popular cine cameras are equipped with a RAW output, including the Panasonic EVA1, Varicam LT, Sony FS5/FS5II, Sony FS7/FS7 II (with XDCA expansion pack) and the Canon C300mkII/C500. The list is still growing.
Shooting ProRes RAW preserves maximum dynamic range, with a 12-bit depth and wide color gamut – essential for HDR finishing. The new format, which is available in two compression levels — ProRes RAW and ProRes RAW HQ — preserves image quality with low data rates and file sizes much smaller than uncompressed RAW.
Portable ProRes RAW and AtomOS
Atomos’ intuitive Operating System AtomOS gives you all the filming tools to work efficiently and creatively with ProRes RAW in a portable device. Fast connections in and out and advanced HDR screen processing means every pixel is accurately and instantly available for on-set creative playback and review. Pull the SSD out and dock to your Mac over Thunderbolt 3 or USB-C 3.1 for immediate post production. Atomos and ProRes RAW together are the most affordable production-to-finishing solution available today.
Come and learn about ProRes RAW and see all Atomos’ latest products at booth (11.D15 & 11.D25) at IBC2018.
For more information about all the great products from Atomos, go to their website at

Written by Clint Milby

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