IDX Announces Introduction of IPL-98 & IPL-150 Batteries at NAB 2019

Torrance, CA: IDX will be showcasing the all new IPL Series at the 2019 NAB show in Las Vegas. The IPL Series is the latest stackable battery solution from the originator of PowerLinking (piggy-backing) batteries.

The new PowerLink technology is beneficial when using high-end cameras and accessories where extended runtimes are required. The IPL Series includes two models, the IPL-98 & IPL-150 with capacities of 96Wh & 143Wh respectively. With the ability to link up to four batteries, the IPL Series can considerably extend continuous shooting times by drawing power from the last battery mounted, making even 24-hour filming possible through hot swapping. With a combination of IDX batteries, a capacity of 715Wh can be achieved! The new PowerLink technology is also beneficial when charging. When used with the IDX VL-2000S simultaneous dual charger, it will accommodate up to four IDX batteries to be stacked and charged. The batteries will charge, sequentially, beginning with the farthest battery from the port inward. The IPL-98 & IPL-150 are both travel friendly and capable of up to 14A when linked. These models will come equipped with all of IDX’s latest technologies, including BMS (battery management system), SMBus, D-Tap Advanced, D-Tap, USB, a 5-LED power status indicator, and a V-Torch LED for added convenience in dark environments. Expect these to arrive July 2019. IDX invites visitors to come to booth C8612 to get a demonstration of this exciting new battery system.

About IDX
With 30 years of expertise in battery manufacturing, IDX has maintained its position as the global leader of Li-ion battery systems for the professional audio, broadcast, cinema, and video industries. Pioneering the use of Li-ion technology, IDX has fundamentally changed the way professional equipment is powered today. The highest-grade Lithium Ion cells are used to ensure all of IDX’s products are the most reliable batteries on the market. Manufactured in co-operation with Sanyo (the world’s premier supplier of Lithium Ion cells Established in 1989), IDX has made a name for itself with the award winning PROSeries, NP-Style, and ENDURA vmount battery systems and the groundbreaking CAM~WAVE™ wireless transmission line. IDX continually looks forward to innovating for the future and meet the ever-changing demands and challenges of the professional audio, broadcast, cinema, and video industries. This innovative mindset led to the development of ALPHA-I™, IDX’s first venture into the premium neutral density lens filter market, with a filter that produces zero color shift. The company’s global headquarters is in Japan with distribution and support branches in Asia, Europe, North America and South America.
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Written by Jake Fruia

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