iPro Lenses Capture New Footage Of Famed Skateboarder Joey Brezinski

Joey Brezinski, better known as the “Manual King” has recently found a new passion for using iPro lenses in conjunction with his iPhone to share his skateboarding adventures with fans around the world.  Brezinski states “When I found the Schneider iPro lenses, I knew they would add that extra excitement to shots of my friends and fellow skateboard enthusiasts.”

The iPro lenses are add on lenses for the camera in your iPhone.  The lens actually is attached to a phone case, making attachment and detachment fast and simple.  There are three different iPro lenses.  The 2x Tele, the wide angle, and the fisheye.  Brezinski says “I really like how the iPro Lens System is a phone case and I never have to take the lens off. It’s always ready to go when I need it. Plus, the glass is so good – it enhances my photos to their best potential.”

Some of the footage that Brezinski has shot using the iPro lenses can be seen here on Red Bull’s website.
To learn more about the iPro iPhone lense system, check out their website

Written by Brett McGinnis

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