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Kessler Presents Their Latest Masterpiece: Fusion


Kessler just announced their latest addition to their line of great motion control products: The Kessler Fusion. Highly advanced but easy to learn and use, Fusion brings motion control literally into the palm of your hand. See below for Kessler’s official word:


Highly Advanced Motion Control

The most advanced motion control system in the world, the Kessler Fusion allows limitless control of your camera’s movement through digital key frame manipulation, straight from any mobile device using HTML5 technology. It grants you the unprecedented ability to perform nearly any type of movement, even allowing you to duplicate your exact moves repeatedly. From panning and tilting to focus and zoom, the Fusion empowers you with total precision control.

The Fusion possesses multiple 256 axis control and fully digitally encoded motors provide precise positioning and superior motion control performance. Additionally, with Kessler’s ultra-fast Coldfire 32-bit processor, the Fusion moves smoothly with precision and accuracy.

Each motor/axis point in the Fusion network has input and output ports. These ports can be configured via the Fusion interface to send and receive camera controls, giving you total control over the Fusion’s actions.

Durable Design, Easy Access

From the all controlling “Brain” to the rugged, weather resistant connections, the Fusion is built to last. The shock resistant Brain features a polycarbonate housing with rubber over molding, and a sleek LED back-light that can be controlled through the user interface. The connections are strong and stable, but can still be easily inserted and removed easily with one hand. Finally, with an SD Card slot, WiFi, Ethernet and USB connections, the Fusion stands ready for firmware upgrades making it totally future-proof.

Device Independent

Free from operating system and device restrictions, the entire Fusion system is controlled directly from the web browser of your device of choice, using HTML5 technology. While a Windows app will be available, the entire system is usable through any web browser, via a direct wireless or wired network connection (Internet connection not required), relieving you from any hardware or operating system requirements.

Kessler Compatibility

The Kessler Fusion is compatible with all of Kessler’s existing sliders that have the belt and pulley system, including the Kessler Pocket Dolly, CineSlider, Stealth Slider, and Philip Bloom Signature Series Pocket Dolly.


The Kessler Fusion Motion Control System will be available for demonstration at NAB 2012 in booth #C9848, with a limited release in May 2012, and a projected full release in July 2012.

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You can find out more about the Fusion at