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Kessler Releases Their New Stealth Slider


Kessler Crance has recently announced the newest edition to their popular line of camera sliders: The Stealth Hybrid Camera Slider.


Kessler Crane, leading manufacturer of camera cranes, jibs, and motion control products, proudly introduces the Stealth Camera Dolly.

The Best of Both Worlds

The Stealth Camera Dolly was created due to the demand for a tool offering the same smooth, short run dolly shots of the Kessler Pocket Dolly with the added drag control of the Philip Bloom Signature Slider. The result is a device that provides multiple options for smooth motion, endowing the shooter with the ability to achieve the perfect shot every time.

The units are available in the Standard 3′ version and the 2′ Traveler size, and does not possess the crank handle of either slider. Eric Kessler, owner and CEO of Kessler had this to say about the new Stealth slider.

“We had a number of requests from customers that said they liked the Bloom, but would prefer it in black. As well we had requests to have a slider with the belt drive and drag, but they did not need or want a crank handle. Like the Bloom is a hybrid between the Pocket Dolly and CineSlider, the Stealth is a hybrid between the Pocket Dolly and Bloom.”


The Stealth is fully compatible with all models of the Kessler elektraDRIVE System, empowering users with consistent motion for various shots, including timelapse.

Kessler Accessories

The Stealth is compatible with many of Kessler’s accessories (sold separately) including the Outrigger Feet and All-Terrain Outrigger Feet, the Hercules Head and K-Pod tripod system.


Both the standard length and traveler size Stealth are priced at $799.95 MSRP and are available now at