Kinenfinity Offers 5K & 6K Cinema Camera For Under $6K

Kinefinity’s TERRA 5K and TERRA 6K are surprising little cinema cameras that offer (you guessed it) 5K and 6K capture respectively. Add in the 5K model’s rolling shutter and the 6K 16 stops of dynamic range (among numerous other great features) at under $6,000 and you have a set of cinema cameras worth looking at for any shooter.

TERRA: Smaller, yet more powerful Cinema camera with high performance, while easy to be used like DSLR for video shooting. Employing S35 frame CMOS sensor, it can record up to 5K or 6K resolution; 4K slow-mo up to 100fps, 2K slow-mo up to 200fps. ProRes422HQ (.mov) and lossless compressed RAW (.krw) can be recorded in-camera on 2.5″ SSD directly, so TERRA speeds up post-workflow greatly if using ProRes and also keeps max room for grading if using lossless RAW (.krw).
TERRA has two versions based on different CMOS sensors. One is the same 6K wide-color-gamut CMOS sensor (rolling shutter) with KineMAX 6K, and the other is the 5K dual-gain CMOS sensor with Dual Shutter Modes. Both models features very high resolution, wide latitude and high fps, same size and form factor though different CMOS sensors and different processing.

TERRA 5K – $5,999

5K Resolution  TERRA 5K is capable of Capturing and Recording 5K RAW (.krw) without external recorder, but also can record 5K ProRes in real time. 5K details means 13.8Million pixels in single frame: 7 times of Full HD/1080p, 1.56 times of UHD/3840×2160! Images of super high resolution makes delivery output sharper and more clean: much better image quality.
15 f-stops TERRA 5K employs a brand-new CMOS image sensor. Thanks to Dual Gain technology, the latitude is up to 15 f-stops at rolling shutter, and 13 f-stops at global shutter. 5K@60fps, 4K@100fps, 2K@200fps.
Dual Shutter Mode TERRA 5K is the only cinema camera with dual shutter modes in the market. That means TERRA 5K could choose rolling shutter to get best latitude, lowest noise level and fastest frame rates, and switch to Global shutter to get zero-distortion in moving situation. For TERRA 5K, you have two professional cameras with different capturing ability.

TERRA 6K – $5,999

6K Resolution  TERRA 6K is capable of Capturing and Recording 6K RAW (.krw) without external recorder, but also is the only camera to record 6K ProRes. 6K details and framing space is beyond imagination, > 18Million pixels in one frame: 9 times of Full HD/1080p, 2.25 times of UHD/3840×2160! Every single frame matches high-end DSLR RAW photo!

16 f-stops TERRA 6K employs state-of-art CMOS sensor: 14 f-stops with 12bits output at 6K resolution; amazing 16 f-stops at binning 3K (S35 framing) & binning 2K resolution (M4/3 framing). It brings you not only maximum details, but also maximum latitude in every frame: help you create without boundaries.
Rolling Shutter TERRA 6K shares the same state-of-art 6K CMOS sensor (rolling shutter) with KineMAX 6K. It is rolling shutter type, then suffers some rolling effect especially at 6K resolution. However, TERRA 6K features HiSpeed mode to record 4K/3K/2K which reduces rolling effect greatly, seems like global shutter. It allows TERRA 6K to handle quick movement shootings, like handheld, shots on shoulder in documentary style.
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