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LA Drone Expo: The Paralinx Tomahawk, Wireless HD Transmitter

A key aspect of drone videography is being able to get a visual of what your drone’s camera sees, something Paralinx can do perfectly. So we stopped to speak with Paralinx’s Dan Kanes about their wireless HD transmitter, and how it’s seen great use in the high flying world drone world.

As Kanes states” Paralinx provides an uncompressed, zero delay, wireless HD transmitter and receiver system, and it’s great for use in the air and on the ground”. He continues by saying that Paralinx actually started by providing tools for traditional filming, and began developing for the aerial drone market due to their excitement about the budding industry.
Paralinx had several systems on display at the LA Drone Expo, including their long range (2,000-6,000 feet) display Tomahawk unit that was transmitting from its suspended position to one of Paralinx’s monitors. However also included in their line of transmitters is the Arrow (transmits up to 330 feet away), as well as the Arrow X (transmits up to 600-750 feet). The signal strength is also reliable enough to record off of, and Kanes even mentioned that some customers (such as the X-Games) are using it for HD broadcasting.
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