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LAPPG October 11th: Zeiss Lenses & Metadata Technology

LAPPG October 11th: Zeiss Lenses & Metadata Technology

LAPPG (Los Angeles Post Production Group) has announced the guests for their October 11th meeting, with Zeiss’ Snehal Patel discussing “lens shading and distortion metadata for VFX and other applications”, and freelance cinematographer and director Kevin Good will talk about creative workflow, production tips, and more in regards to advertising.

As always, LAPPG is just $5 at the door, and you get access to not only awesome presenters, but LAPPG’s amazing prize giveaway. For more info see below or visit, and be sure to sign up at


Zeiss Lenses & Metadata Technology

We are excited to have Snehal Patel joining us from Zeiss Cine Lenses to discuss lens shading and distortion metadata for VFX and other applications. Snehal will be introducing the group to the talented VFX Supervisor, Scott E Anderson of Digital Sandbox ( who has utilized the Zeiss eXtended Data (XD) technology and he will share how it can lead to a more versatile, cost effective and advanced workflow. Scott has a long history in VFX and has worked on many features including, The AbyssTerminator 2Hollow ManBabe and King Kong.


Hollywood for ugly people: Washington, DC.

Kevin Good, who has worked for years in the trenches of political ad work, shares his secrets. It’s a hyper-paced environment in which a very small team is responsible for delivering hundreds of ads with quick turn-arounds: ads that have to stand-up against opposition ads that will run head-to-head on the airwaves. It’s a unique production environment, but one that faces the same pressures familiar to others: tight deadlines, creative burnout, constantly moving quality bar.

We all have to create high quality work, with quick turn-arounds. How can we do more for less with less time? What ‘cheats’ make our lives easier?

Kevin will be joining us to talk creative workflow, production tips, and lots of other things NOT politics.