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LAPPG September: Comedy Shooting & Editing, Care & Repair For Your Gear

*While this week’s meeting has passed, Los Angeles Post Production Group holds monthly meetings that bring some amazing guests and a chance to win fantastic prizes. You can find out more about their awesome work at
Tomorrow marks LAPPG’s September meeting, where their guests will be television director Phil Ramuno (Charles In Charge, Grace Under Fire) to discuss comedy and post productions tricks, as well as Video One Repair’s Sherman Bahr on how to care and repair your cameras and gear.
The meeting begins at 7pm Wednesday September 9 at the usual Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences at Roth Hall, 1714 21st Street Santa Monica, CA 90404. The evening’s presentations will cover:


International television director, Phil Ramuno will be joining our September meeting to explain the intricacies of making scenes funny. Phil will share comedy principles of what makes an audience laugh, including the shooting pattern and post production tricks.81mAQm+wwZL
Phil Ramuno is currently an Adjunct Professor at the prestigious University of Southern California and works for Sony International, bringing American television shows to countries around the world, by training production professionals in various countries. During the early years of his career he worked as a stage manager on the sitcoms Fish,Benson and Soap. His credits as a director include: Too Close for Comfort, Gimme a Break!, Amen, 9 to 5, Throb, Charles in Charge,Sister Kate and Grace Under Fire. Phil is also the co-author of The NEW Sitcom Career Book now in it’s 2nd edition, which will be for sale that evening.


So, what to do when your video camera or DSLR starts acting up?  How do you find the best repair facility?  What are the pros and cons for sending your gear to the manufacturer for service? How and when do you  buy used gear? xl2playback1-300x194
Sherman Bahr,  LAPPG member and owner and technician of will be joining us to tackle these questions and more. For over 20 years Sherman has been repairing new and old consumer and professional electronics, specializing in Sony and Canon.  As a technology and gadget lover, he will be passing along valuable information to not just prolong the life if your equipment but also will direct us as to how to make sound decisions when looking to purchase or upgrade. Sherman will be sharing key tips for the cleaning and maintenance of your gear and will answer our equipment questions.
As always, visit to sign up for just $5 at the door, and be sure to visit for more.

Written by Jake Fruia

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