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Latest Batch of Film Contests – 3/17/11

Latest Batch of Film Contests – 3/17/11

Hey shooters! Looking to take some of your films  to the next step? Try some of these film contests below: 

Dish Network ‘WTF’ Video Assignment
Communicate that DISH is different than other television providers.
Due 04/13/11 | Cash: $7,500

NumNum Video Contest
The topic is money, the rest is up to you.
Due 03/31/11 | Cash: $50
OVC 2nd Chance Winter 2011 Video Assignment
We can’t wait to give you a second chance!
Due 03/31/11 | Cash: $250
Magnum Live Large Project
Are your emcee skills Magnum-sized?
Due 04/13/11 | Trip: Trip to Miami to perform with Ludacris + $5000
Paul Taylor Dance Company Scholarship Contest
Express your love and talent for dance.
Due 04/14/11 | Prize: Earn a coveted spot at the Taylor School
The Big Q College Student Video Contest
Tackle an ethical dilemma commonly faced by college students.
Due 04/11/11 | Cash: $500
2011 Get Rich Slowly Video Contest
Share your personal finance tips and success stories.
Due 04/15/11 | Cash: $500
Lady Gaga Little Local Monster Blogger Contest
Are you a big Lady Gaga fan with a blogging background?
Due 04/04/11 | Prize: Behind the scenes access at a Lady Gaga concert
Science & The City Video Contest
Make a 2 minute video about science in your city!
Due 05/30/11 | Cash: $600
SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop Video Challenge – Part 2
Create a video featuring the SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop.
Due 03/31/11 | Prize: $500 Gift Card
Acuvue ‘See What Could Be’ Video Assignment
How do contact lenses empower wearers?
Due 04/17/11 | Cash: $7,500
Prom Ultimate Invite Video Contest
Will you go to prom with me?
Due 03/31/11 | Trip: Trip for 4 to LA for Prom premiere +$500 Macy’s gift card
Mochi Ice Cream Song Video Contest
Make a song for Mikawaya Mochi ice cream.
Due 06/10/11 | Prize: Apple iTouch 8GB + Mochi Squad Party kit
‘No Snap Judgments’ AATE Video Contest
How does theatre help you look beyond first impressions?
Due 04/20/11 | Trip: Trip to NYC to meet the cast of The Addam’s Family
What Would You Do for a Pre 2? Video Contest
Wanna free Pre 2? How bad do ya want it?
Due 03/31/11 | Prize: Palm Pre 2 + $100
Sandals ‘Greatest Love Story’ Video Contest
Share your personal love story.
Due 08/14/11 | Trip: 8 day/7 night vacation for 2 at Sandals Montego Bay
Kids ‘N’ Pets Video Contest
How do you clean up after your kids and pets?
Due 04/03/11 | Cash: $500
April Fools Film Fight
Make a quickie on the topic of *ahem* male enlargement.
Due 04/01/11 | Prize: Fame, glory, bragging rights
PageFreezer Software Intro Video Project
Create a 2 minute intro video for a new webservice.
Due 03/22/11 | Cash: $1,000
The Zood Marking Video Project
Help The Zood launch their site with your video.
Due 03/15/11 | Cash: $1,300
New York 2011: Microsoft Video Contest
Make college students consider getting a Windows 7-based PC.
Due 04/04/11 | Trip: Trip to NYC + $8000