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Learn How To Sell Your Movie (Before It's Made) This Saturday

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At HDSLR Shooter, we concentrate much of our time on production tools and techniques, but what about selling your film? Festivals are great and having your project online for the world to see is awesome, but how about making some money?
If you’re ready to quit that day job or move out of your mom’s house, then getting paid for your filmmaking is essential. This Saturday at CBS Radford Studios in Studio City, CA, you’ll have a wonderful opportunity to learn not only about distribution, but also how to secure distribution before your project is completed.
This is a rare opportunity to meet a person who can help you sell your movie. In this class, you’ll learn how the movie selling process works. You’ll understand how all of the different roles fit together like distributors, sales agents, producer’s reps, acquisitions, aggregators, film festivals, and film markets like AFM.
This workshop will cover general strategies for marketing and selling your film, such as prioritizing release windows (domestic, foreign, DVD, VOD, etc.), self-distribution, hiring sales agents, festival premieres, four-walling, foreign pre-sales and more. By understanding how the process works, you will understand how various strategies affect your future income streams.

The Presenter

Pejman Partiyeli, founder and President of +Entertainment, handles the day-to-day operations as well as overseeing all aspects of development, marketing and distribution. Pejman has also been an instructor at the Los Angeles Film School where he initiated the course Motion Picture Marketing and Distribution. Pejman actively participates in industry panels and seminars and has been the featured speaker of “Recent Trends in Motion Picture Marketing & Distribution” presented by Lord, Bissell & Brook LLP’s Entertainment and Media Practices.
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About the Class

I personally attended another class from The Industry Workshop, and I can tell you they’re a great way to spend a Saturday morning. Great location, nice set up, solid material and also a great networking opportunity.
By the end of this Workshop, you will know:
•How movies are valued and sold
•How to put together a realistic strategy to sell your movie for the highest price possible
•How to utilize foreign pre-sales to help put your budget together
This class on film distribution is this Saturday, August 8 and starts at 9AM at the CBS Studio Center at 4024 Radford Ave, Studio City, CA. It  runs for three hours and costs just $35. For more information about this class, The Industry Workshops or to sign up, go to their website at You can also check them out on twitter at @theindustrywork or on Facebook

Written by Clint Milby

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