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Learn To Pitch To Development Executives From The Industry Workshops On Feb. 11th

Learn To Pitch To Development Executives From The Industry Workshops On Feb. 11th

You can learn from another excellent expert at The Industry Workshops’ seminar on pitching your project to developments execs.


‘Pitch To Development Executives’ will be held Saturday, February 11th, from 9am to 12pm at the CBS Radford studios (4024 Radford Ave. Studio City, CA 91604) for just $40. It will be presented by Marla White, a “television development executive with years of experience”. She has seen a number of hit shows to success, such as “Outsiders” on WGN and “The Jim Gaffigan Show” for TV Land. As The Industry Workshops points out, White has heard hundreds of “mind numbing pitches over the years that successfully torpedoed what might have otherwise been marketable ideas, she has become determined teach writers what executives are looking for when you walk in the room.”

From The Industry Workshops:


This workshop will get down to the brass tacks of how to pitch your series idea like a seasoned pro. It’s a little bit art, a little bit science, and definitely a skill anyone can learn given the right tools. Ideas this workshop will cover include:

  • Loglines – their importance and how to write one
  • What buyers are looking for in a pitch
  • Character vs. story beats – which are more important?
  • Structuring your pitch for maximum affect
  • What to say – and not say – in a meeting
  • What happens to your pitch after you leave the room


Who should attend: Writers, Producers, and anyone who works with writers including agents and managers.

Requirements: Something to take notes.

By the end of this workshop, you’ll know:

  1. The key elements to successfully translating your idea into an attention getting pitch
  2. How to sell yourself as well as your idea
  3. How to talk about your pitch in terms of the pilot and beyond


A note about The Industry Workshops

As always, The Industry Workshops events are a bargain that anyone interested should make a point of attending. This particular workshop is not currently being offered for online viewing, and there is something to be said for attending in person. The speakers tend to stick around and interact with attendees afterwards, which is a great way to make new contacts or get more in depth questions answered. So, if you can, I’d encourage you to attend the workshop. We’ve attended several of these workshops and the presenters are REAL people in the business. We’ve met everyone from development executives such as Marla White and motion picture distribution companies to owners of production companies. This is a great way to interface with real industry professionals in a great setting. Of course, if you can’t attend this event, they will be taped and you can watch the event online. Don’t miss out!

For more on The Industry Workshops upcoming event and to sign up, visit