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Lite Panels at PhotoCine Expo

Lite Panels at PhotoCine Expo

Quick look at their new LED Fresnel

Tobi from Lite Panels shows off all of the great Lite Panels products including the Micro Line of camera top monitors, their Micropro Hybrid which acts a strobe and a video light.

He also has the Lite Panels LED Fresnel.

Shot with Canon 7D, with Tokina lens and the Redrock Micro Runningman. Cut with Adobe Premiere CS5 natively using their DSLR preset and colorized with Magic Bullet Quick Looks.  Here’s more about Lite Panels from their site:

Imagine lighting sources that are cool to the touch, portable, self-contained with no cables to tie you down, and offer infinitely dimmable 5600ºK or 3200ºK output (with virtually no color shift) by simply turning a knob. Let’s suppose they use up to 95% less energy than conventional lights. Lamp life? A dream come true at over 50,000 hours. Power options?  Choose from snap-on batteries, AC adapters, cigarette lighter adapters, or run them off your camera battery. Better yet, there’s one that runs on AA batteries. Too good to be true? Not anymore.

It’s a whole new kind of production lighting. We call it Litepanels. You’ll call it a revolution in lighting.

Find out more about Lite Panels on their website at