Making Your Old Mole Richardson & Arri Lights New with Bulbtronics

Walking through Cine Gear there are many things that standout and catch your eye as you walk by. One such product was an old cinema light, but it was clearly fitted with LEDs, a curiosity which led us to Bulbtronics’ ReLamp LED system from Visionsmith. ReLamp lights are retrofitted old lights into production LED lights that offer daylight and tungsten color temperatures.

Uncompromising Color Quality

Our Cinewhite LEDs come from the cutting edge of LED technology. With impeccable color rendering and Purebeam technology, the light quality must be seen to be appreciated. We spared no expenses here: it’s all about the light.

Plays Well with Others

Can you tell which is the Halogen and which is the LED? The color is just what you expect: it gels correctly, blends with your existing fixtures, and projects a beautiful light field.

No Heat on Your Subject

This thermal image shows the hot light is on the left. Note the heat on target. Which spotlight would you rather be under?

Your studio can save 80% off the power bill with ReLamp LEDs.

Really. ReLamp LEDs are eight times more efficient than Halogen at putting light on target. Additionally, there’s no heat: A halogen grid is like a grid of industrial space-heaters, compensated by heavy-duty air conditioning. If you’re running lights for 12 hours a day, the numbers add up fast.

Big Benefits

ReLamp LEDs experience no color-shift with dimming, so fussing with scrims is a thing of the past. AC Dimming. Smart Cooling. Rugged construction.

Optional Lens Upgrade

The absence of heat opens up another cascading benefit: Acrylic Lenses. An acrylic fresnel can almost double the projected light of a fixture. We thought this was important enough to make our own custom-fit lenses for all the classics.

A Fit for each Fixture

We’ve set out to build a drop-in solution for most popular halogen fresnels. If you have a halogen kit, this is for you. This isn’t anything like an LED retrofit, it’s just a bulb swap.

Get 4x more for your budget

Upgrading to LED is no longer a process of throwing out all your old favorite lights, and rewiring to support the new expensive LED Fresnels. Now you can litterally just upgrade from a halogen lamp to a ReLamp LED. Its much faster. There is no rewiring at all. It costs four times less in most cases. You still get all the benefits of LED.

You can learn more about Bulbtronics and the Visionsmith ReLamp LED lighting system at

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