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Managing Hi-Res Media The No Hassle Way

Managing Hi-Res Media The No Hassle Way

High resolution imagery has nearly become the norm as far as shooting video and capturing pictures. This is great for a lot of reasons: quality images are better to look at, they get a better response, and, with the advent of recent camera’s, it’s no longer a necesity to purchase a pricey camera to get them. With the good comes the bad, however. Hi-res images also take more time to capture, take up more space digitally, and can frequently become a source of much frustration during the editing process.

Well, PC World’s Dominic Milano recently did a great article on a helpful little tool called CyberLink PowerDirector 9. Power Director 9 does a number of amazing things, including:

Video Production at Blazing Speed

Introducing TrueVelocity Engine for the HD video era.  Realize how 64-bit video editing software can speed up video processing time in every possible way.

  • Maximizing System Memory – TrueVelocity 64 takes advantage of PowerDirector’s 64-bit OS support utilizing the entire system memory to process multiple HD video files efficiently.
  • Optimizing CPU Utilization – TrueVelocity Parallel makes video processing smoother and faster by splitting tasks into smaller segments and simultaneously processing them across all available CPU threads.
  • Harnessing the Power of the CPU/GPU TrueVelocity Accelerator taps into the power of Intel, AMD and NVIDIA video processing technology for hardware-enhanced video decoding and encoding.

Powerful Editing Tools

Powerful yet easy-to-use tools let the video editor enhance their videos and create sophisticated visual effects.

  • Timeline Interface – Up to 100 video and audio timeline tracks for a flexible workspace, easier media management, and more creative projects.
  • Video Enhancement Tools – PowerDirector’s suite of advanced TrueTheater™ technologies improves the video quality, offering the video editor SD-to-HD quality up-scaling, video noise removal, color and light adjustment, smooth slow-motion playback, Blu-ray editing and more.
  • Advanced Audio Editing – New WaveEditor® allows users to edit their audio tracks with effects and includes VST plug-in support for third party effects.
  • Full HD Previews – Preview the results of your HD video editing in full HD quality never seen before in real time with our video editing software

All that and more from Cyber Link’s fantastic Power Director 9 is covered in Dominic Milano’s article at