Marshall Debut's the Orchid, OR-2410


Grade 1 Monitor Delivers Color Accuracy On Set

Every trade show and event I attend, I always look forward to seeing my good friend Bernie Keach and finding out about all of the new innovations from Marshall Electronics.
Due to changes in camera technology, it’s now become possible to colorgrade on set instead of having to transfer it to another facility. Many DIT’s are using systems that empower cinematographers to apply the 3D color space on set. This of course has created a need for greater monitoring accuracy than ever before. Mashall Electronics has responded to this need with the Orchid OR-2410, 24 inch, 10 bit panel, Grade 1 monitor.

Here are some specs on the OR-2410:
Supports most standard video formats, High Resolution (1920×1200) LCD panel, Real-time Waveform Monitor, Real-time Color Vectorscope, Real-time 16CH Audio Level Meter, Real-time Histogram, Real-time Video Analytics, Broadcast Tally System, 3G-SDI Input and Active Loop-Through, 3D Review, False Color Filter, Peaking Filter, Time Code (VITC/LTC), Red/Blue/Green/Mono Channel, Accurate White Balance, Accurate Gamma, Precision Gamma Calibration, ClipGuide, H/V Delay, Aspect Setting, Various Markers, Scan Setting, On-screen Menu Display, External Remote Control, Stereo Speakers.
For more information about the OR-2410, go to their website at

Written by Clint Milby

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