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Marshall's Latest Mini HDSDI Camera – The CV550-CS/CSB

Marshall Electronics has really been focusing a lot of effort on their cameras lately, particularly their line of mini CV model cameras. So it’s no surprise that they recently updated another couple of models, the CV550-CS & CV550-CSB.
cv500 5
Both models produce HD resolution video that’s perfect for broadcast, making these palm size cameras great for “Sports, Reality TV, Hidden POV, Culinary, Racing, Stunt and Fast Paced motion”. Marshall has just added on a new, larger lens, allowing each model to use “the entire 2 million pixels of video data” to produce clear footage that uses all of the cameras’ 2.2 megapixel CMOS sensor.
cv500 2
Marshall also makes sure to point out that these pint sized cameras are capable of more than just action and stunt shots, and make a great choice for broadcast news. They can even be used for web conferencing when paired with a USB 3.0 converter, or streaming through an encoder.
cv500 3
You can find out more about both models of the CV550 at Marshall Electronics’ website,

Written by Jake Fruia

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