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Mathews Studio Equipment Hosts SOC Training with David Mullen, ASC

Mathews Studio Equipment Hosts SOC Training with David Mullen, ASC

The other day, we got a call from Mathews Studio Equipment informing us of a training seminar they were holding with the SOC, (Society of Camera Operators) with cameras provided by Hollywood Camera being taught by David Mullen, ASC. This sounded pretty good, so we made the short 10 minute drive to Mathews and were a bit taken back as it didn’t look like a training, it looked like a feature set complete with multiple cameras mounted on a boom, a dolly and a slider complements of Mathews.

The exercise was fairly simple: shoot operating a camera on a dolly. There were obstacles however, including the camera on a boom, the camera on the slider as well as the zombies coming from every direction. They actually had a professional make up person on set to fix appliances and effects make up to the actors portraying the zombies. The other obstacle was the sun, as it was late in the day and you had to avoid lens flares.

You just don' class=

You just don’t see this level or real world training in a classroom

In a real world scenario, with an experienced camera operator who understood all of the variables and obstacles, they should be able to get a good take after a couple of tries. However, there weren’t any practice runs here, as each attendee had one chance to get the shot. Once everyone was set, David Mullen, ASC would check the feeds in the video village and yell action. Once the scene was over, he would then review the good and bad of each participant’s efforts.


Shooting a zombie feeding frenzy isn’t as easy as it looks

This was a rare opportunity to get pointers and feedback from a thirteen year veteran of the industry who has shot shows like BIG LOVE and UNITED STATES OF TARA in his credits. And it was free.

Mathews HD DC Slider

Mathews Slider provided great service through the training

Those who attended had a shot at shooting a great action sequence, with real special effects make-up, with a full crew and with some of the best camera and support gear available. Ed Philips, president and owner of Mathews Studio Equipment promises to host more of these training sessions, so pay attention to the Facebook and Twitter page for upcoming events.


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