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NAB 2011:  MIO 3D Shoots 3D in a Whole New Way

NAB 2011: MIO 3D Shoots 3D in a Whole New Way

Mio 3D is a company founded by illustrious Director of Photography Sean Fairburn. He created a innovative new way of shooting 3D imagery, one that utilizes three different cameras instead of just two cameras.

Explained as “a new simplified method of shooting, editing, and viewing 3D”, MIO 3D’s methods allow for an easier time while shooting as well as during post production. With no guess work involved, the camera rig can be used with any other camera rigs, and helps provide more viable shots for use in post production due to having access to multiple streams of images.

The result is truly astonishing, as we got to see a few clips from their upcoming full 3D feature and the 3D image is clean and without that strange fuzziness you sometimes see.

Here, we talk with MIO 3D’s Hector Marquez about the 3D rig, their upcoming feature, and how it all works.

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