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Mountain Dew Commercial Shot With Blackmagic Micro Cinema Cameras

Mountain Dew Commercial Shot With Blackmagic Micro Cinema Cameras

When Second Unit DP Casey Wilson was asked to shoot action, point-of-view (POV) and close-up shots for Mountain Dew’s new off-road Capture the Flag commercial featuring professional race car driver Chase Elliott, he chose the Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera.

“I was brought on by main unit DP Jacob Schwarz and was put in charge of getting the POV and action shots with the Micro Cinema Cameras,” said Wilson. “We were able to get mounted shots of the dune buggies, the vehicles’ suspensions, hands shifting gears, as well as ‘Rush’ style eye close-ups through Chase’s helmet, mounted dirt bike shots, huge jumps off the dunes and essentially most of the ‘dangerous’ angles.”

Nate Balli, of Utah-based production specialists Moniker Media, directed the spot, which made use of innovative shots in order to highlight an unprecedented game of Capture the Flag thought up by Elliott, who also mapped out the course.

Shot in The Little Sahara sand dunes located in Utah’s Sevier Desert, the high-octane spot follows Elliott and his friends as they face off in an action-packed game of Capture the Flag played by two teams riding in dune buggies and on dirt bikes, racing over towering dunes and going after giant flags.

According to Wilson, production went into the shoot knowing it would have to finesse the look in post since they couldn’t control the light for every shot. “The Micro Cinema Camera’s 13 stops of dynamic range was a huge factor in choosing the camera for this reason,” he concluded. “The camera gave production plenty of latitude to work with in post. And the fact that the camera shoots RAW as opposed to some variant of H.264, meant going into post, they had the advantage of already working with high-quality images.”


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