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NAB 2013: Adobe Premiere Pro CC

According to Mitch Wood, Adobe has been spending a lot of time with their customers, including endusers, post houses, etc. to find out how they can improve the user experience.

“You’re distracting me!”
Too bad Jack didn’t have Premiere Pro CC…

Specifically, they have concentrated on minimizing and eliminating any bumps, detours and hiccups to avoid forcing you out of the creative and into the technical.  These pesky distractions may only take a few seconds to deal with, but as Jack Torrence so eloquately states, “It will then take me time to get back to where I was!”  Adobe is calling this improved set of tools, “enhanced featurrers”.
Some of these improvements include:

  • Ability to nudge a clip up a track with a single key stroke
  • Join-through edits
  • Show repeat frames
  • Redesigned Timeline
  • Effects badging on clips
  • Transition display

Also, Premiere Pro will now have Closed Captioning support, which allows you to do closed-captioning within the application.  You can actually type the captioning in yourself or import a file and embed it within the file.  I’m curious if this is going to put a dent in the business of the captioning houses.
Speed Grade Enhancement
Adobe has improved the flexibility of SpeedGrade allowing you to use predefined luts or “looks” as well as standard coloring grading features.  The predefined looks are VERY similar to both RedGiant’s Magic Bullet Looks or Technicolor’s color assist.
Check out the video for demonstrations by Mitch and to learn about many more new features in Premiere Pro CC.
For more information on Premiere Pro CC and all of the great applications from Adobe go to their website at

Written by Clint Milby

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