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NAB 2013: ATOMOS Samurai BLADE

On the heels of of Canon’s new firmware release, making the 5D Mark III compatible with its Ninja-2, ( see our article on it here:  ATOMOS is now shipping its highly anticipated Blade.  According to their May 29th press release, attendees at the 2013 Cine Gear Expo at Paramount Studios in Hollywood, California will be able to get their hands on, “the very first production units of the Samurai Blade – the field recorder/monitor combo which caused such a stir when it was announced at this year’s NAB.

The Blade features a stunning 1280 x 720 IPS ‘SuperAtom’ touchscreen and is the first truly professional monitor that records to offer full waveform functionality, including vectorscope and RGB/luma parade displays.

According to CEO Jeromy Young, “We’re the first to combine true, professional monitor functionality with recording and deck playout, all in a space-saving, camera-mountable unit.”

Beyond its functionality, the Samurai Blade’s screen is absolutely breathtaking, with deep, rich blacks, vibrant colors and razor sharp clarity.  Unfortunately, it just doesn’t do the Blade justice to merely describe it with words or even with a demo video.  The best way to experience the Blade is to see it in person, and if you’re in the Los Angeles area 5/31 though 6/1 , you can do just it now by attending Cine Gear and checking out the ATOMOS team at booth S318 at Paramount Studios.


The specifications paint a good picture of why people are so excited about the Blade:

  • 325 dpi and 1 million pixels (1280×720)
  • 5″ SuperAtom IPS Panel
  • Full sized BNC connectors
  • In-Plane Switching technology
  • Record up to 1080/30p/60i, 10-bit, 4:2:2 to ProRes or DNxHD direct from sensor S-Log / C-Log
  • Synced REC trigger
  • Play back your shots and takes on the fly on set, in the field in a restaurant or on the plane
  • The capacitive touch panel gives lightning-quick response times and gesture capability
  • Fully adjustable gamma, brightness, contrast
  • Built in wave form monitor
  • Records direct to edit codecs Apple ProRes and Avid DNxHD onto commodity 2.5” hard discs
  • HDMI Input via Optional Atomos Converter
  • File Recovery in case you accidentally pull the power or remove the storage drive while recording
  • 6 watts of power, nearly five times less than the nearest competitor
  • 12 channels of digital and 2 of analog audio always available to view and monitor on headphone jacks or line out
  • Any Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD file from any system, recorder or edit suite can be played back using AtomOS
  • Speedy navigation, cutting and tagging on short and long clips
  • hot-swap drives at any time without having to play games with the OS
  • Connections include 1x HD-SDI input and 1x HD-SDI loop-output
  • Supports ARRI and RED for Monitoring
  • Built from aircraft grade aluminum


Pricing and Availability

Atomos products are sold through local resellers; all prices exclude HDD/SDD storage and sales tax:
Samurai Blade: US $1,295

See and for more details.