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NAB 2013: Azden's SGM-DSLR Shotgun


Azden is definitely a company we can get behind, simply because we use their products.  Their wireless UHF series has provided sterling service throughout NAB. However, it was their SGM-DSLR shotgun microphone made specifically for DSLR cameras that caught our attention.
This rugged shotgun microphone boasts full metal construction and is built to withstand the riggers of run-and-gun shooting, and slides right onto your camera’s shoe mount. The SGM-DSLR boasts “superior directionality and wide response”, and has a shock mount holder that removes any nearby noise generated by your camera.

The best feature is perhaps the SGM-DSLR’s 1/8th inch removable 3 1/2 mm mini plug. Unlike most microphones, the SGM-DSLR’s cable is completely removable, leaving you with the option to plug in whatever other cable you desire. You could use a cable that lets you upgrade to XLR, 1/4 inch, RCA, etc. So you would only need the one microphone and whatever other specific cables you desire. The removable cable also means that a problem with the cable does not translate to a problem with the microphone. If a problem with the cable arises, you simply get a new cable instead of a new microphone.
The SGM-DSLR comes complete with a shock-mount microphone holder with shoe, Azden logo foam windscreen and DSLR output cable.
The SGM-DSLR is availible now for $240.00. You can find out more at

AZDEN NAB Booth C1119
The NEW SGM-DSLR Shotgun Microphone
Mount Arlington, NJ – Wednesday, April 5, 2013
A broadcast quality shotgun microphone the new SGM-DSLR is designed to meet the demands of the advanced DSLR user. Unlike the plastic housing of many competitors’ microphones, the all metal SGM-DSLR with its’ shock-mount holder eliminates camera lens motor noise. Additionally, its long metal lightweight barrel offers superior directionality and wide response. Powered by a supplied LR-44 battery, the SGM-DSLR comes complete and includes: a shock-mount microphone holder with shoe, Azden logo foam windscreen and DSLR output cable. Available for immediate delivery the SGM-DSLR retails for $240.00.
Azden Corporation offers a complete line of audio products, including Wireless Microphone Systems, Shotgun Microphones, Portable Mixers, Powered Speakers and Wireless InfraRed Classroom and Conference Systems.

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