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NAB 2013: Kinotehnik's LCDVF DSLR Viewfinder

Led by founders (and twin brothers) Tonis and Tarmo, Kinotehnik manufactures camera viewfinders and support gear for HDSLR production. 
The exact nature of the LCDVF is something Kinotehnik is quite open about:

In the heart of the LCDVF is an achromatic lens pair that consist of two optical components vacuum-cemented together to form an achromatic doublet which is computer optimized to correct for on-axis spherical and chromatic aberrations.


All that comes together to allow a magnification of 220%, which is all great on its own. However, one of the best features is perhaps its most simple. To mount the LCDVF, you simply apply a safe, adhesive frame to the edge of your LCD screen and the LCDVF attaches magnetically. No screwing, no taking up valuable 1/4 20 space, and makes it a breeze to simply take on and off your camera.
The unit itself is very lightweight (110g/3.84oz), but still has a durability to it that makes travelling with it a non issue. Also of note is the included eye cushion, which is perhaps the most comfortable eyepiece I have ever tried, and will be a boon for those who don’t like rubber eyepieces.

kino lcdf

The best part of all of this is actually Kinotehnik themselves. Their customer service is superb. We saw a few people come up with questions about this and their other products, and not a one was left wanting. It helps that Tonis designs and manufactures these himself, as he knows literally everything there is to know about the products. Plus, Tonis and Tarmo are fantastically nice, which may have something to do with living so close to Santa Claus…


The LCDVF is priced at around $139 (depending on the bundle you go with), and you can find it at their US distributor, Manios Digital, as well as on their own site, Just be sure to get the right size for your camera! Each site has a compatibility chart showing which LCDVF model goes with each camera.

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