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NAB 2013: Lensbaby Movie Maker's Kit

Lensbaby lenses and optics allow you to get “creativity in the camera” saving you both time and money in post production.  However, the Lensbaby system works best as a system which might catch some shooters off guard. In the past, you had to get each lens, optic, accessory, etc. one by one. To take out all the guess work and guarantee you have everything you could need or desire from Lensbaby, they have bundled all of the lenses, optics and accessories into one kit, the Lensbaby’s Movie Maker’s Kit.


The Movie Maker’s Kit comes with everything you need to start filming right away, from lenses to optics, and even their variety of accessories. The kit includes 3 different Lensbaby lenses: an HDSLR lens, a PL mount Composer Pro lens, and a PL mount Muse lens. Seven of Lensbaby’s Optics from their Optic Swap System are included: Double Glass, Fisheye, Pinhole /Zone Plate, Plastic, Single Glass, Soft Focus, and Sweet 35. For those unfamiliar with Lensbaby, their Optic Swap System lets you use one master lens (Composer Pro, Muse, etc) and simply swap in and out a different optic for a variety of effects, as seen in the video above. All of this comes in a Pelican case with custom foam cut outs for each lens, optic, and accessory.


If you frequent our site, you’ve probably already seen a good deal of footage shot with the Lensbaby system. However a number of other productions have utilized the system for a variety of different effects. For example, 2011’s Contagion, House, CSI: Las Vegas, and ABC’s Revenge have all made use of the effect inducing lenses. As Kirsten says in the video, the lenses are great to use for dream sequences and showing altered states of mind. You can find all sorts of ways they’ve been used online, however keep an eye out here on HDSLR Shooter as we’ll be reviewing the kit here soon.
The Lensbaby Movie Maker’s Kit is priced at $2,900. To find out more visit

Written by Jake Fruia

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