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NAB 2013: LockCircle – LockCircle Remote Control Lenses & Accessories

LockCircle makes a number of specialized products for digital video production cameras, including their Prime Circle XE lenses, the K-Circle wireless camera remote, i-Mount Filter system, and more, all of which were on display this past NAB Show.
The Prime Circle XE System is a complete range of innovative prime lenses with electronic aperture and wireless control up to 300ft.  They are currently available in 10 different vocals from 15mm to 135 mm.
The lenses are essentially Carls Zeiss Compact Primes that are rehoused and fitted with wireless controllers. These controllers allow you to change your aperture without interfacing with the camera directly using their own proprietary wireless system. Although these are fitted for EOS, you can use them with Sony FZ mounts and micro four thirds using the Prime Circle Intelligent Mount.
Beyond the lenses, you’ll need the base controller and a remote module. The remote also allows you to start and stop recording, and can run up to 18 continuous hours on its own rechargeable battery.
Other products include the i-Mount Filter system, which is a series of screw on ND filters. Included in this system is an oft requested 90mm filter that helps mimic the properties of a matte box for those who would like to forgo one.
The K-Circle offers wireless control of your EOS camera from up to 300 feet away, making it great for aerial shooting, or controlling the camera from long distances. The K-Circle lets you control everything from ISO to frames per second, and any other function you’d need your camera to perform.
The LockPort is an anodized aluminum HDMI extender that converts the Micro HDMI port on an EOS camera to a full sized HDMI. It prevents the HDMI connector from breaking the port on the camera, and also keeps your HDMI connector free from potentially taking your camera crashing down with it should it get tugged on.
The LockCircle Body Cap, which is the companies name sake, is a robust camera cap that provides a fast and more secure way to cap your body when you’re not using a lens. The raised pedestal on the front of the cap also serves as a kind of a table allowing you lay the camera face down and make any menu adjustments, tweaks or card swapping without putting any pressure to the body of the camera. It comes in both Nikon and Canon EF mounts.
All of the LockCircle products and sold and distributed in the US through Manios Digital & Film, and you can find out more on their website at You can also find out more about the LockCircle Products on their website at
To see LockCircle products for yourself as well as all of the great products from Manios Digital, they will be at Cinegear 2013:

May 31-June 1, 2013 – Booth 57


Written by Clint Milby

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