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NAB 2014: Why You Will Need the Atomos Shogun and Ninja Star

As mentioned earlier, Atomos had quite the show this NAB. Much of this well deserved attention was for the new 4K recording Shogun. Their other new recorder, the light and compact Ninja Star, also gained its fair share of attention as well as it was created to directly address customer demands for a lightweight recorder for helicopters. After he addressed the crowd, we were able to stop and speak with Atomos CEO, Jeromy Young, to talk about both of these exciting new recorders.

With 4K pushing to become the new standard, Atomos stepped up to the plate in a major way with the Shogun:

  • 4K recording to ProRes, Cinema DNG RAW, Avid DNx up to 30p or 60i
  • Records to 2.5″ Harddrives and SSDs
  • HD recording up to 120fps
  • Same functions and monitoring assists of Ninja Blade
  • Fully calibrated 1920 x 1200, 7″ touchscreen monitor
  • HDMI and SDI
  • XLR port

As we mentioned in our NAB coverage of the Sony A7S, the Shogun is an absolute necessity if you want to record 4K on the upcoming camera. As Young explains, “Sony called me and said, ‘We’ve got this great camera, we can’t do 4K internally, it’s a bit too hot for the sensor. We want to do just HD internally, and 4K output over HDMI.’ So together we announced the Shogun, which is the perfect combo for that sensor”. The Shogun will also ship with a dual drive port to attach your SSDs or HDDs, allowing for two 1 TB drives to be attached for 2 TB worth of recording.

The Ninja Star, Atomos’s second offering was an attention grabber of all who need a smaller recorder for helicopters and other GoPro applications.  Young explains that many customers wanted a Ninja recorder, but without the screen for a variety of reasons. So, Atomos accommodated them with the super compact Ninja Star. It possesses all of the same functions as the Ninja Blade, only without the monitoring aspect and the fact that it records to CFast 1 cards as opposed to the much more expensive CFast 2.

The Ninja Star can draw power from a helicopter drone battery adapter (a big part of the demographic that requested the Ninja Star), and has on board LED audio level meters. The Ninja Star will automatically trigger from any timecode start/stop flags, regardless of camera, allowing you to only press one button to record.
The Shogun has a tentative release date of September 2014 for under $2000.
The Ninja Star will be available in mid-May for $295.
You can find out more about both products in our video above, as well as at

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