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NAB 2014: Red Giant's Updates To BulletProof & PluralEyes

As users of Red Giant products we were very interested to see what they had to show at this year’s NAB show. So we spoke with Bruce Sharpe about some big changes coming to two of their plugins, BulletProof and PluralEyes.

According to Sharpe, customers have requested more camera support for BulletProof, and thye’ve done just that. Bullet Proof will now support AVC-HD, some MXF formats. There will also be another requested feature in the form of “Add Mode”, which cuts down ingest time by drawing on media already on the disk.
As for PluralEyes, it is gaining more camera support as well. It will also have much better handling of putting clips back together that have been split into smaller pieces by certain camera formats. There’s also a new feature that auto corrects audio drift, where audio and video become desynchronized. A broader range of output formats are also going to be included.
Both updates to BulletProof and PluralEyes will be free for owners of Red Giant’s Shooter Suite or the individual plugins, and will be available some time within May or June.
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