NAB 2014: The Full Featured Canon XF200 & XF205

Rounding out our camera coverage of NAB 2014 are the new small chip HD camcorders, the Canon XF200 and XF205. We made our yearly appointment with Canon’s Chuck Westfall to talk about their two newest cameras, and all the features they’ve packed into these two cameras.

First off, the only difference between the two models are SDI inputs, of which the XF205 has and the XF200 does not. Beyond that, all of the features mentioned are on both cameras.
The XFs have dual codec recording, allowing them to produce broadcast ready footage with MXF formats in 4:2:2 and 1080 60p MP4 video can be recorded to SD cards. As mentioned above, the XF205 also has SDI ports for 3G, HD-SDI, GenLock and Time Code.

Both cameras have a fantastic 20x optical zoom lens that ranges from 26.8mm wide angle to 576mm telephoto, with three separate controls rings for focus, zoom and iris, “So you never have to choose between which one you’re going to use” explains Westfall. The handle on each model is rotatable by 120 degrees to help better position the camera, especially for high or low angle shots.

The XF200 and XF205 have built in dual band wi-fi at 5 and 2.4 GHz, letting you control the camera fromyour iPad with Canon’s free app. This app will also allow you to control camera setting as well as see a live preview of your image. They also come with a wired LAN port to connect with a router.

Canon has also included a built in stereo mic, with four channel audio through dual XLR inputs. They still use the same batteries as the previous 105 and 305 models, as well as many of their EOS cameras.

Both models will be released early August 2014, at $3,999 for the XF200 and $3,499 for the XF205. You can find out more about both models at

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