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NAB 2014: How to Swap Lens Mounts on the Zeiss Compact Primes & Zooms

During our first interview with Zeiss’ Rich Schleuning on their 15-30 Compact Zoom, he mentioned its interchangeable lens mounts. Rich was able to walk us through the process step by step for those who have never dealt with such a system:

Starting with the Compact Prime 2s, interchangeable lens mounts were added to accommodate the growing demand for cine style lenses on DSLR cameras and help make the lenses as future proof as possible. The example Rich had on hand was a cinema lens that he wanted to convert from a PL mount to an E mount, something he did in quick order with one of their mount kits.

Step 1

Step 1

Remove the mount panel attached to the lens by unscrewing eight torx screws, preferrably with a torque wrench with a preset limit so as not to strip the screws. Then remove the mount panel and carefully dump the screws out and set set them aside.

Step 2

Remove the lens shim from the mount, and place it back onto the lens itself. Rich notes that there’s only one way it can fit, so there shouldn’t be any issue.

Step 3

Next take the spacer from your mounting kit, and match it to the lens similar to the shim. Then drop your screws into the spacer, adjust them before tightening, then tighten until the screws click.

Step 4

Finally, take your new mount and line it up with the lens spacer guidelines, drop in your screws, and tighten them similarly to your spacer.
All in all the process takes about four minutes though as Rich mentions, this process is best done in a clean environment, such as a studio or office, and not out in the field.
The interchangeable mount kit is priced at about $390, and comes with:

  • EF, E, PL, Micro 4/3, OR Nikon F Mount Ring
  • Adaption Ring with Support Bracket
  • Rear Lens Cap (To match the lens types mentioned above)
  • Torx Screws
  • Shims

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