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NAB 2014: The iOgrapher, An iPad & iPhone Camera Rig

The iOgrapher is a polycarbonate case that allows you to better utilize your iPad or iPhone to shoot video. After a year of testing the prototype model, iOgrapher creator David Basulto was at NAB in full force to show the finished product.

The iOgrapher is currently available in two models, one for the iPad and another for the iPad Mini. There are two more models on the way as well for the iPad Air and iPhone 5/5S. It has handles on either side, three hot-shoe mounts along the top, a lens adapter, and a 1/4-20 mount on the bottom.

The iOgrapher is pretty versatile, and can be used in a number of different ways. At their booth, Basulto had a GoPro mounted on top of the iOgrapher, using the iPad as a monitor. He then explained that he can then send the footage from the GoPro to his iPad and use the iPad to edit, making the setup an all in one filmmaking solution. We here at HDSLRShooter have even put the iOgrapher to great use as a teleprompter.

The iPad model of the iOgrapher is available for $69.95, the iPad Mini model costs $65.00, as will the iPad Air model. The iPhone model will be $39.95, and will be available in the next few months along with the iPad Air model.
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