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NAB 2014: Kinotehnik LCDVFe & LCDVF Updates

It’s been a while since we spoke with Kinotehnik about their electronic viewfinder, the LCDVFe, as well as their popular LCDVF viewfinder. Since that time it seems to have blown up in the market and even seen a few updates. So we stopped to talk with Co-Owner and creator Tonis Liivamagi for more on the LCDVFe and its new accessories, as well as their popular camera eyepiece and its updates.

The LCDVFe has been popular for its bright LCD screen, and the fact that it’s one of the few (if not the only) viewfinder that takes 50 and 60 fps. And while Kinotehnik has been working to flesh out the features of the LCDVFe, they’ve also been busy creating its companion customizable remote. The remote controls the zoom, zebra, peaking and pretty much any function the LCDVFe can do.
Tonis then showed us the LCDVF, their viewfinder that fits numerous camera screens. The big new upgrade for this is the addition of diopters to help accommodate various different sets of eyesight levels. So for those of you who wear any sort of corrective lenses or have some sort of eyesight issue, this will help fix that.

The LCDVFe runs for $980 with mounting brackets, the LCDVF for about $159, and the diopter kit with 3 lenses costs $45.
For more information be sure to watch our interview above, as well as visit Kinotehnik’s awesome site,

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