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NAB 2014: PAG Batteries from Manios Digital

Battery power is a problem that won’t be going away any time soon, so we wanted to talk with Manios Digital’s Steve Manios about their new stackable PAG batteries.

Manios explains the PAG batteries have individual watt hours of 94, but give 188 watt hours when stacked together. So these can be brought on board planes due to their low individual wattage, and then charged upon arrival.
pag battery
A single PAG battery charger holds and charges up to 16, and each battery displays its current battery percentage. Manios explains that the power draws from the most full battery in the stack, meaning you could mount two on a camera, and as the back most battery dies, you simply replace it without having to ever stop shooting. The PAG batteries come in gold pin and V-Mount mount options.
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