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NAB 2014: Red Giant's New Universe Makes Plugins More Accessible Than Ever

Red Giant’s Universe is a set of new and veteran plugins that marks their entry into the subscription payment model. So we talked to Sean Safreed about the upcoming service, and what’s included in their new service.

Universe consists of 50 plugins total, with 31 of them available for free (forever Safreed points out) and the remaining 19 available for a premium. The premium tools include tools Red Giant has had in their suites before, such as Tune It and RetroGrade.

During our interview Safreed demonstrates the exact interface of their plugins, and shows off some of the tools, such as the free Blur tool and the premium RetroGrade and LightFactory plugins. All of the tools work with Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Final Cut and more.

Part of the Universe package is constant free updates, something Safreed notes will be a top priority. There will be more tools continuously added, and they’re even looking at making other tools sets (such as the Looks series) available through the same model as Universe.
Universe come with three separate payment options: 1) $10 per month, 2) $99 per year, and 3) $399 for a lifetime subscription. So those looking to “by the box” so to speak can still pay all up front and have access to all of RedGiant’s updates to Universe forever.
For more information on Universe, please check out our interview above, and visit

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