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NAB 2014: Redrock Micro – retroFlex for Blackmagic Pocket Camera

As the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera’s use and popularity continues to grow (we used it quite a bit ourselves to cover NAB), more and more varied accessories are being made. Enter Redrock Micro’s fascinating retroFlex camera rig bundle.

“[Evoking] a retro style of filmmaking, when it was all about the film”, the retroFlex come with a removable handgrip with start/stop trigger, camera cage with mounting points, wireLock accessory to secure cables, and a viewfinder. All of these pieces come together to form a rig that’s practical and easy to handle.
Redrock’s Brian Valente explains the reasoning behind the retroFlex’s creation, “We saw a lot of people doing cages and kits to convert [the Pocket Cinema Camera] to shoulder mounts, and it really didn’t feel like the kind of shooting style that we wanted to see in a camera this size”. So they created a more compact rig reminicesnt of Super 8 cameras to keep the entire set up as light and compact as the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera itself.
The retroFlex will be about $495 for the full kit and be available sometime this month.
For more information you can go to, as well as visit them at this year’s Cinegear Expo in booth #30.

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