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NAB 2014: RigWheels Versatile & Powerful System

As our interviewee Lance Lundstrom points out, RigWheels is but one, evolving system to which they add new parts that work cohesively toward improving or providing new functionality to the one base unit. So we were intrigued to find out more about the RigWheels system and what new pieces they added at NAB.

The first set up Lundstrom shows us is their rail dolly system that he describes as “future proof” due to the enhanceable nature of their rig. By that notion, the dolly can quickly be turned into a table top dolly with just a quick part swap.
Next Lundstrom showed us their high powered magnetic mounts. Each magnet on the mount has a rubber pad to protect the surface it’s attaching to. This is absolutely necessary because the strength of the magnets would more than likely do damage upon contact, especially if used on boats as Lundstrom suggests.
RigWheels has also addressed a problem faced in general when using a rail system: transportation. As Lundstrom points out, many rail systems require long, heavy rails to make use of their dolly. So RigWheels has designed a new set of rails that quickly and easily collapse for compact transportation in one hard box.
RigWheels sells each of their pieces to the system separately as well as in kits. For more information, including pricing information, be sure to visit

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