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NAB 2014: That Studio & Rampant Design Tools’ Practical Effects Suites

NAB 2014: That Studio & Rampant Design Tools’ Practical Effects Suites

Visual effects are becoming more and more accessible to filmmakers these days. However the quality of the effects can vary wildly between different plugins and programs. So we were interested to find That Studio’s and Rampant Design Tools’ Indie Essentials and Studio Essentials, a couple of suites of “High-quality, downloadable, practical visual effects that work with every editing system”. A joint effort between That Studio and Rampant Design Tools, we were able to speak with Kanen Flowers and Sean Mullin, respectively, about Indie Essentials and Studio Essentials.

A joint effort between That Studio and Rampant Design Tools, Indie Essentials comes with “over 100 Gigabytes” of various Quicktime based effects that were created practically. Sean Mullin is a working visual effects artist, and created each effect in the pack as he would for a movie or television show, shot at full resolution on a RED camera. So their fire effects are actual fire, the muzzle flashes cinema quality, and so on. Some of the effects included are snow, fire, dust, smoke, cinematic flares, overlays, fog and much more. The quality of Indie Essentials‘ effects run up to about 2K. However Flowers notes that those looking for effects of even higher quality (5K perhaps?) should take a look at the companion set, Studio Essentials.

Where Indie Essentials is focused on by Flower’s company, That Studio, Studio Essentials is overseen by Mullin’s company, Rampant Design Tools. While similar content is shared between both sets, Studio Essentials is geared more towards studios and bigger budget projects. The effects in Studio Essentials also go up to 5K in quality, and are also offered all together on a hard drive, while both Indie and Studio Essentials can be downloaded as well. Indie Essentials even has a Dropbox feature, allowing you to download it into your Dropbox as well.

Indie Essentials is $399 for the entire suite, though there is a sale going on this week to get the entire pack for $349. There’s also the option to buy individual packs for around $40-$60 each and a free sampler pack. Studio Essentials has a similar pricing model, with the price varying depending on which set you choose and a similar sale on their products as well. Both sets include free future updates, so there won’t be any additional purchases required upon buying.

You can find out more info in our interview above, as well as and