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NAB 2014: Why Premiere Will Be the Heart of Adobe's Creative Cloud

Every year HDSLR Shooter speaks with Adobe at NAB, and this year was no exception. With a new update to Creative Cloud coming our way any day now, Adobe had plenty to say in regards to what that update entails. First off was Patrick Palmer, who stopped to talk with us about how this update affects all Adobe apps, and how it affects larger, more complex workflows.

Perhaps most notable about the impending update is Adobe’s efforts to make Premiere the hub where you can access some of the more outstanding features of the other apps without ever having to exit Premiere to do so. Many apps will be accessible through the Direct Link to avoid opening a new program each time you need to use its functions, allowing you to keep focused on your work and finish it more quickly. Changing a lower third was their biggest example, showing that you’d simply click the lower third in your timeline, make changes to the text, and save it, all without leaving Premiere and opening a new app.

Editing lower thirds within Premiere.
Editing lower thirds within Premiere.

Adobe’s big showing for After Effects revolved around tracking and masking effects, which they have turned into a very simple and easy to use process. You simply choose the effect (pixelation for example), draw your circle where you’d like the effect to be, let it render our for a few seconds as it tracks the movement, and done. This workflow can also be taken back and forth between After Effects and Premiere quickly and easily.
Tracking and masking effects in After Effects.
Tracking and masking effects in After Effects.

Speedgrade has enjoyed a number of quality of life tweaks, letting you toggle adjustment layers, toggle lumetri  effects, and even turn effects off completely in Premiere, a function Palmer notes was a big request from users. Finally, Palmer notes that Adobe’s seen a recent Creative Cloud boom in the broadcast world, and they’ve done their best to accommodate them with color grading better suited for the medium.
You can find out more about Adobe’s products and upcoming Creative Cloud updates at

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