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NAB 2014: Zeiss 15-30 Compact Zoom & Servo Surprise

When we spoke to Zeiss at last year’s NAB, Rich Schleuning showed off the 28-80 lens in their new Compact Zoom series. At that time the 15-30 Compact Zoom lens was only in development. This year the lens came to fruition, and we caught up with Schleuning about the lens and get a sneak peak at their new servo motor.

The last in the Compact Zoom family, the 15-30 now gives the family of lenses a 15-200mm range between the three lenses. The 15-30 covers a full frame chip, and Zeiss even had a RED Epic camera with a Dragon sensor equipped with the lens with no problems. The 15-30 has a 43mm circle image size, allowing for greater versatility as well, and interchangeable lens mounts let you turn the lens into either a PL, EF, F, micro 4/3 or E mount lens.

A Servo Surprise

Schleuning also had an interesting new prototype device to show off, a servo controlled motorized zoom. In development specifically for the compact zooms, the controller would attach to a custom bracket (which will simply strap on to the lens) with a quick release plate, and give you “motorized control of your zoom, iris, and the option for focus control as well”.

They’re building it to work with “most popular camera bodies” and the controller would be powered either directly from the camera itself or from your choice of external power. The one controller will be usable with all three lenses, and will quickly and easily be able to snap on and off each lens for quick changes.
The 15-30 compact zoom will be available this coming October 2014, and the lens controller will be available by the end of this year. Prices for both items are still undisclosed.
You can find out more about the 15-30 compact zoom in our video above, as well as

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