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NAB 2015: AKiTiO's Lightning Fast & Pocket Sized Thunder Bolt Drives – Video

We live by AKiTiO’s hard drives, as they are the fastest and most stable drives we’ve ever encountered. So we deffinitely wanted to stop by at NAB 2015 to see some of the new products they had at the show, such as the Thunder SATA Go, Thunder Go and their upcoming Thunder 2.

Thunder SATA Go

The AKiTiO Thunder SATA Go allows users to connect their SATA storage and RAID devices, but does so in an extremely portable, bus-powered solution. The Thunder SATA Go can also be used to connect an SSD directly to a laptop computer so that content editing can be done in the field with transfer speeds of up to 550MB/second.

Thunder Go

Designed for portability and speed, this bus-powered drive features both Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 connectivity. The slim and compact enclosure comes with a tethered Thunderbolt cable, making it the ideal storage drive to take with you wherever you go. For systems without Thunderbolt interface, simply use the super-fast USB 3.0 connection instead, guaranteeing that you can always access your data.

Thunder 2 – 10G Ethernet Adapter

The Akitio Thunder2 10G Adapter provides an extremely portable 10 Gigabit Ethernet solution. The 10G adapter utilizes a simplified design for high speed, 10GbE networking for modern workstations and ultrabooks which typically lack 1GbE connectivity or the capability to deploy an internal PCIe 10GbE network card (NIC), but may be equipped with a Thunderbolt™ connector capable of delivering up to 20Gbps.
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