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NAB 2015: ARRI's Line Of Camera Accessories

ARRI is known for their high quality cinema cameras such as the ALEXA. However ARRI also excels in the realm of camera accessories, with a whole line of high quality support gear. We stopped to speak with ARRI’s Snehal Patel about many of their accessories and how they can be used with all sorts of different cameras.

Quick-Release Plate QRP-1

The Quick Release Baseplate’s unique attachment mechanism provides rock-solid camera support with a centering adjustment that compensates for variations in camera base to optical axis measurements.

Lightweight Matte Box LMB-6

Succeeding the classic LMB-4A, the LMB-6 offers all the innovations of the successful LMB-25 to larger-sized filters, up to 6.6″ x 6.6″

LBS-2 Handgrip Set on/off Hirose 4-pin

Lightweight and durable handgrip set based on ARRI rosettes. Can be attached to 15mm LWS rods.Triggers run functionality on cameras fitted with 4-pin Hirose run signals, such as Sony PMW F5 and F55.
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