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NAB 2015: The Differences Of The URSA Mini & Upgrading Your URSA To 4.6K – VIDEO

For the third year in a row, Blackmagic Design wowed the crowd with their new cameras. This time the URSA Mini was the hot topic, just as the orignal model was last year. We stopped to talk with Blackmagic’s Tina Eckman just after the press conference and reveal on Monday morning about the URSA Mini, as well as the big 4.6K sensor upgrade coming to the original URSA.

Eckman notes an interfsting trend with the original URSA: people immediately wanted to put it on their shoulder, or use it handheld. While possible, it’s certainly a difficult way to shoot with the URSA.

The Blackmagic Design Ursa Mini – NAB 2015

So in an effort to answer the demands of their customers, Blackmagic designed the URSA Mini. At only 5 pounds the URSA Mini is great for handheld, mounting, RNG setups, etc. It comes in four different models with a 4K or 4.6K sensor and PL or EF mount.
Similar to the original model, the URSA Mini has a touchscreen foldout monitor, only it’s naturally smaller (5″) and there is only the one screen. For those looking for a different view there’s an optional 1920×1080 color OLED viewfinder.
The Blackmagic Ursa Mini and new electronic view finder — NAB 2015

Other accessories that will be available tot he URSA Mini are a shoulder mount kit with a built in qucik release plate for fast shoulder mounting, a detachable handle, powerful on board microphone and more. The URSA Mini is powered by V-Mount batteries, as well as by XLR power, and possesses many of the same connections as the larger model, though in fewer number.
The Blackmagic Desugn URSA Mini is slated for July of this year. The available models will be priced at:

  • URSA Mini 4K EF – $2,995

  • URSA Mini 4K PL – $3,495

  • URSA Mini 4.6K EF – $4,995

  • URSA Mini 4.6K PL – $5,495

No inside monitor for the Ursa Mini like its big brother — NAB 2015

Lastly, Eckman also covered the new 4.6K sensor available to not just the new URSA Mini, but the original URSA as well. This keeps in lines with Blackmagic’s constant promise they will continue to upgrade and add to their cameras. The option for the 4.6K sensor will be coming soon for the original URSA as soon as June, while an upgrade will be made available for existing URSA owners. Those looking to purchase a 4K PL or EF mount URSA camera now can do so at a reduced price of $4,995 (EF mount) and $5,495 (PL mount). The upgrade for those who need it later will be $1,995 (EF) and $2,495 (PL) respectively.
For more information on the URSA Mini, visit

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