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NAB 2015: Blackmagic's Micro Cinema Camera, Micro Studio Camera & 'Video Assist' Digital Recorder – VIDEO

Blackmagic’s theme for this NAB seemed to be taking their previous cameras and shrinking them as much as possible, while still keeping them as powerful as possible. This is definitely the case with the Micro Cinema Camera and Micro Studio Camera 4K. Plus, seeing how neither has an on board monitor, Blackmagic’s new Video Assist digital recorder pairs perfectly with both. We talked with Tina Eckman at Blackmagic’s NAB booth for more on this new trio.

Micro Cinema Camera

After seeing the multiple The Micro Cinema Camera possesses the same HD sensor that’s found in the Pocket Cinema Camera. Also similar to the Pocket is its Micro Four Thirds lens mount, even despite its small size. It does have a global shutter, providing full 1080 HD images in CinemaDNG RAW to SD cards.

The Micro Cinema Camera is perfect for drone usage, with an expansion port that lets you to program the Micro Cinema Camera to perform numerous actions remotely. This allows for numerous additional functionality, such as programming a start/stop time, controlling focus, tilt, zoom, and more. You do need to plug the camera in an HDMI monitor of some sort so you can see the menus needed to do so, or you just use the new Video Assist, featured below.

  • High resolution 1080 HD, 13 stops of dynamic range.
  • Switchable 60 fps rolling shutter or 30 fps global shutter.
  • Features built in 12-bit RAW and ProRes recording and captures true digital film quality images.
  • Features an active Micro Four Thirds lens mount. Easily adaptable to other lens mounts.
  • Includes built in buttons along the front to quickly and easily change settings.
  • Includes an expansion port with a DB-HD15 connector and breakout cable.

The Micro Cinema Camera will be available in July 2015 for $995.

Micro Studio Camera 4K

Very similar to the previous camera, the Micro Studio Camera 4K is obviously a smaller version of last year’s Studio Camera. As opposed to the MCC however, the Micro Studio Camera shoots 4K live downstream to a switcher, as it doesn’t record on board. It also has the same expansion port as the MCC, however it’s pre-programmed for B4 lenses, power and other features more applicable to the studio environment. There’s also the matter of shooting 4K in such a small package that is highly appealing.


  • Operates up to 2160p30 when operated in Ultra HD or up to 1080p60 when operated in HD.
  • Supports SDI camera control protocol allowing full remote control vis single SDI connection.
  • Compatible with high quality Micro Four Thirds lenses. Compatible with other mounts via common third party adapters such as B4 broadcast lens mount.
  • Includes built in buttons along the front for quick access to menu navigation and settings.
  • Includes a 12V power input or users can add an LP-E6 compatible battery for backup power.
  • Includes an expansion port with a DB-HD15 connector for power, reference, PTZ and B4 connections.
  • Expansion port supports multiple control connections such as PTZ serial output, B4 lens data link output and S.Bus input allowing customers to build customized camera control solutions.
  • Built in, two way digital quality talkback connector using iPhone compatible headsets.
  • Compatible with ATEM range of live production switchers for full SDI control of cameras.

The Micro Studio Camera 4K will be available in July 2015 for $1,295.

Blackmagic Video Assist

Last, but certainly not least, is Blackmagic’s new digital recorder, the Blackmagic Video Assist. Perfect for either of the above cameras as they lack on board monitors, the Video Assist records ProRes and DNxHD onto an SD card. It has both HDMI and 6G-SDI connections, which makes it useable as a 4K monitor. The Video Assist has two hot pluggable battery slots on the back and a 5″, 1080p LCD touch screen on the front.


  • 5 inch LCD touch screen with1080p high resolution monitor.
  • Professional 10-bit 4:2:2 HD ProRes and DNxHD recording.
  • Includes slots for 2 hot pluggable batteries as well as 12V DC power input.
  • Full compatibility with editing software such as DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro X, Avid and Premier Pro.
  • All in one design, mount to cameras, hold in your hand or set up on a table with the included kickstand.
  • Includes 6G-SDI input allowing its use as an Ultra HD monitor.
  • Ideal for use as a monitor for the new Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4K.

The Video Assist will be available in July for $495.
For more information on the Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera, visit
For more information on the Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4K, visit
For more information on the Blackmagic Video Assist, visit
**It should be noted that we shot this interview with the Blackmagic URSA as our A cam, and the Pocket Cinema Camera as our B cam. It’s notable how closely the two sets of footage match, with little manipulation in post.

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