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NAB 2015: VideoBlocks' Revolutionary New Marketplace & How To Get $49 Off Your Membership – Video

As we’ve been customers of VideoBlocks for years now, we were excited to meet the man behind this awesome service. So we spoke with VideoBlocks creator Joel Holland about why he started the company, and how they recently changed the stock footage landscape with their new Marketplace.

VideoBlocks started when Joel Holland, and indie video producer himself, couldn’t afford to get the B-roll and effects he needed for his projects from other stock footage services. So he created VideoBlocks to cater to the “exploding creative class”, shooting or commissioning the content and making it available to producers for just $99 a year for unlimited downloads. And it was a success, with many video producers (ourselves included) going to VideoBlocks for establishing shots, After Effects templates, sound effects and more.

However Holland and his team weren’t content to stay put, instead developing VideoBlocks’ new Marketplace. Launched during this year’s NAB Show, the Marketplace opens VideoBlocks’ already extensive library to the public by allowing creators to upload their own content. Then, if a customer is looking for something and they can’t find it on VideoBlocks’ main site, they can go to the Marketplace and purchase clips directly from the content producer. The big deal here is that the content producer gets to keep 100% of the profit from the sale, with VideoBlocks not taking a cut of the money at all. This effectively adds a “matchmaking service” to VideoBlocks’ already extensive library, allowing more content for the consumer, and more potential profit for the creator. Creators aren’t barred from posting their footage on any other stock footage site either. As Holland puts it, “Most of these guys are trying to make a living doing this…so we would never lock you into an exclusive contract.”
VideoBlocks Marketplace SignUp
For those interested in becoming contributors, simply go to to sign up for a free account and start uploading that footage!
Right now is a great time to join VideoBlocks, as either a customer, content creator or both! Until April 30th, if you sign up for the $99 a year package, VideoBlocks is offering $49 worth of Marketplace credit when you use the code NAB49 after joining. That essentially gives you half off the year’s subscription to unlimited downloadable stock footage.
So, hurry up and head over to now to set yourself up with this awesome service!

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