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NAB 2016: New Monitors from ikan – VX20, DH7, VXF7 and DH5e

It’s hard to think about production monitors without thinking of ikan. After all, the company started making camera monitors more than ten years ago. Every year, ikan packs more features, higher brightness, better viewing angles and more options and NAB 2016 was no different.

We visited with Dariel Resendez of ikan about several new models of monitors ikan announced for NAB 2016.

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The ikan VX20 Production Monitor



The VX20 is a full sized production monitor which is different than their previous offerings because the VX20 can support 3D LUTs. You can actually load in your own 3D LUTs with a USB. The monitor also supports the X-Rite Calibrator so you can make sure your monitor is calibrated correctly. The VX20 also offers all of the scopes you’ve come to expect from ikan including waveform, RGB Parade in different modes like full screen, quad as well as CIE scopes. You can power it using either V-Mount or AB mount depending on which battery mount you choose. Inputs include 3G-SDI, HDMI, Component, Composite, VGA, DVI. Brightness on VX20 will be 500nits. The VX20 will be available at the end of Summer 2016.

The ikan DH7 – 1700nit High-Brightness Monitor


The ikan DH7 will also be out in the Summer of 2016, and features a new high-brightness panel coming in at a whopping 1700nits. Full HD monitor also features 4K HDMI capabilities with 1920 x 1080 HD resolution and combined with an IPS screen that delivers vibrant color and strong viewing angles. It can handle 4K signals from the most popular 4K HDMI cameras and offers two programmable feature buttons. It’s no surprise the DH7’s simple, practical design makes it the ideal size and weight for field production. The DH7 supports HDMI input/output signals up to 3840×2160 video resolution and offers 1:1 pixel mapping and peaking to ensure everything stays in sharp focus. This monitor truly is the perfect companion for the shooter on the go.
Features include:

  • 1920 x 1200 Full HD Plus LCD Panel
  • Supports Ultra HD 4K HDMI Input & Output Signals (Loop Through)
  • IPS Screen for More Accurate Color & Viewing Angles
  • Histogram & Audio Level Meters
  • Peaking, False Color, Clip Guides, & Pixel to Pixel
  • Headphone Output
  • Includes Sunhood
  • Includes Canon E6 & Sony L Battery Plates
  • Video Inputs – HDMI
The ikan VXF7 Camera Top Monitor

The VXF7 which is the newest monitor to the VX7c family, but now with 4K capabilities and a full HD panel. Product Manager, Dariel Resendez says, “I am extremely happy to be introducing Ikan’s most advanced line-up of monitors yet. At NAB, we will have at least 4 new monitors that are 4K compatible as well as a few that support 3D LUTs and other industry leading features. No matter what camera you are shooting with, Ikan has a monitor that will help you get the perfect shot.”

The ikan DH5 Camera Top Monitor


The DH5e is a newly released camera field monitor, now with Ultra HD 4K HDMI capabilities. It is outfitted with 1920 X 1080 HD resolution and enables the video professional to deliver precision shots, as well as access the features through a new touchscreen. The DH5e comes loaded with tons of value, making it the ideal choice for lightweight rigs and cameras. This monitor is equipped with all of the necessary software features to create the perfect shot: false color, peaking, zooming, guides as well as histogram and audio meters. It also features image flip so you can adjust the 5″ monitor according to your needs. It’s incredibly easy to set your HDMI input and output signals on the DH5e.
For more information on these monitors or all of the great products from ikan, go to their website at

Written by Clint Milby

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